Design and Development

Solutions for Intensive Care

Custom OEM designs

Products used in Dialysis or Infusion.

Quality and Testing

Various equipment for operating Rooms


Folcrom is a technology company focused on developing mounting solutions for the challenging Healthcare environment. Our product solutions combine use leading edge design and manufacturing technology to deliver a world class solution.

Folcrom support many areas of Healthcare from Surgery, point of care and ICU environments. The fully integrated solution provides patients with better services and helps healthcare professionals to achieve better efficiencies, workflow and improves clinical outcomes.

Today’s healthcare providers seek ways to increase patient throughput and satisfy growing patient expectations, time spent with the patient has become increasingly time-pressured. However, Folcrom's mounting solutions help to create a fully collaborative environment integrating with the latest technology and localised partners. Folcrom have become one of the leaders in Healthcare mounting solutions and have supplied hospitals with unique products over many years. Folcrom continue to design and innovate mounting solutions to adapt to technological changes.

Products and Services

Unique product design combined with high level partner integration provides solutions across the continuum of care

A Frame Arms

Lightweight mounting arms.

Articulating Arms

Long Reach Arms

Monitor and Computer stands

Custom and VESA mounting stands

Short Reach Arms

Various mounting solutions

Vertical mounting solutions

Ceiling mount solutions

Keyboard Mounting

Solutions for various keyboard fixing

Medical Keyboards

Devices for clinical applications

TV Mounts

Patient care and clinical efficiencies

Medical Carts

Bespoke design and development

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